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花蓮縣(Hualien County)

This is the 花蓮縣(Hualien County) Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.


  • City:
  • City English:
    Hualien County

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Area Area English Postcode 3
卓溪鄉 Zhuoxi Township 982
豐濱鄉 Fengbin Township 977
鳳林鎮 Fenglin Township 975
富里鄉 Fuli Township 983
光復鄉 Guangfu Township 976
花蓮市 Hualien City 970
吉安鄉 Ji’an Township 973
瑞穗鄉 Ruisui Township 978
壽豐鄉 Shoufeng Township 974
萬榮鄉 Wanrong Township 979
新城鄉 Xincheng Township 971
秀林鄉 Xiulin Township 972
玉里鎮 Yuli Township 981

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