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屏東縣(Pingtung County)

This is the 屏東縣(Pingtung County) Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.


  • City:
  • City English:
    Pingtung County

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Area Area English Postcode 3
三地門鄉 Sandimen Township 901
獅子鄉 Shizi Township 943
泰武鄉 Taiwu Township 921
萬丹鄉 Wandan Township 913
萬巒鄉 Wanluan Township 923
霧臺鄉 Wutai Township 902
新埤鄉 Xinpi Township 925
新園鄉 Xinyuan Township 932
鹽埔鄉 Yanpu Township 907
竹田鄉 Zhutian Township 911
長治鄉 Changzhi Township 908
潮州鎮 Chaozhou Township 920
車城鄉 Checheng Township 944
春日鄉 Chunri Township 942
東港鎮 Donggang Township 928
枋寮鄉 Fangliao Township 940
枋山鄉 Fangshan Township 941
高樹鄉 Gaoshu Township 906
恆春鎮 Hengchun Township 946
佳冬鄉 Jiadong Township 931

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